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The "Aguamala" gown is a beautiful creation inspired by the delicate beauty of jellyfish. The design elegantly captures the essence of these aquatic creatures, particularly in the skirt that mimics the graceful movement of jellyfish tentacles.
The lower skirt, inspired by the tentacles, introduces a captivating interplay of texture and movement. Imagine the fabric transitioning into a different texture, perhaps becoming more translucent or featuring subtle variations that evoke the ethereal quality of jellyfish tendrils. This transition not only adds visual interest but also creates a dynamic and flowing silhouette.
The individual pleats in the skirt are a masterful touch, reminiscent of the undulating movement of jellyfish in the water. With each step, the pleats come alive, creating a mesmerizing dance that mirrors the fluidity and elegance of jellyfish movement. The gown becomes a living art piece, transforming with the wearer's every motion.
In essence, the "Aguamala" gown is a celebration of the enchanting world beneath the waves. It takes inspiration from the intricate beauty of jellyfish, translating their otherworldly grace into a wearable masterpiece that is both poetic and captivating.


  • The Aguamala gown features a lovely semi structured bodice with delicate embroidery on net and a guipur delicate trim. The sleeves also display the delicate embroidery over the arms with the delicate trim to finish. The gown has a dramatic low back with a drama filled skirt also. The peplum is also made of the delicate net lace with layers of gathered tulle beneath, the gown is full of depth and texture.

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