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Sangrada Veil Details
Sangrada Details


At Amy Mair Couture, they specialize in designing and crafting luxurious bridal wear that encompasses haute couture and high-end ready-to-wear collections. The pieces created by Amy Mair Couture are known for their elegance, uniqueness, and romantic allure, each garment meticulously handmade in their Atelier with dedicated care.

The designs from Amy Mair Couture are characterized by intricacy, delicacy, and a powerful presence. Drawing inspiration from dramatic theater, vintage fashion, poetry, and European style, their innovative designs aim to evoke emotions. Collections influenced by nature and travel contribute to an ethereal ambiance, embodying a sense of purity and beauty.

The signature style of Amy Mair Couture reflects subtle contemporary elegance, striking a balance between the flowing movement of fabrics and a bohemian, alternative charm. Exclusively utilizing luxurious fabrics, their creations stand the test of time.

Particularly noteworthy are their one-off pieces tailored for the non-conformative yet modernistic bride. These creations are designed for individuals with a passion for carefully constructed, beautifully made pieces that exude timelessness and classic appeal.

T H E   S H O W R O O M

Amy Mair Couture Showroom

Like the garments the Amy Mair Couture showroom in the Vale is personal and relaxed. Amy will help you find a garment that has the right silhouette, textiles, tone and palette for you. Amy will offer the same friendly, thorough service online for those who would like some additional information or information on shipping across the world if you can’t reach our Atelier or partner boutiques.

Sangrada featured in Costa Teguise

P R I C I N G   I N D I C A T I O N

As Amy Mair Couture approaches its 10th year since the label's inception, there's a profound and enduring love for fabrics and design. The commitment to authenticity and emotional connection remains steadfast, continually channeled into the creative work. The complete collections are exclusively available for trying at the flagship boutique in The Vale, while selected dresses can be found in other boutiques as detailed on the Stockist page (Boutiques).

The pricing indications are as follows: Separates, including Tops, Skirts, and Slips, start from £800 and above, while the gowns range from £1,600 to £3,800 for Couture. Our Ready to Wear Collection (only available online) will range from £1,200 - £2,000

For detailed information on sizing, payment, delivery, alterations, and what to bring to an appointment, among other details, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out. Appointments can be booked via the booking or contacts page.

For those seeking information on customisations, the design process, and alternative fabrics, the Bespoke page provides the relevant details.

Piedra Gown, full silk velvet gown with guipur edging details.

W O R D S   B Y   A M Y   M A I R

“Hi I’m Amy Mair, the designer, maker and owner behind Amy Mair Couture. 
I have always wanted to create beautiful gowns that women feel beautiful wearing and use luxurious fabrics to create ethereal and romantic silhouettes but I started out as a keen artist in school. This has led a very creative path for my designs, often ahead of the industry using texture and exciting tones and creating my own embroidery and fabric fabric manipulation. I always knew that I would have to fulfill my dream and lead a path as a creative, I can now channel my creativity into creating innovative design that do not conform to the commercial bridal trends.
'Starting out in Fine Art I was at home creating and experimenting and found satisfaction in art in any form. Once I was taught to sew and manipulate form in pattern construction I developed a whole new love and passion for design that was different, more challenging and equally rewarding for me as painting on canvas.'

My passion for nature has always been at the forefront of my creativity, using sources such as woodland, beaches and plants but I also incorporate elements of my love for travel- experiencing new cultures and also contemporary fashion design. When traveling to other countries, the experiences I encounter and various architectural designs also inspire me greatly along with my everyday life experiences.

Amy & her husband on their wedding day.

'Amy & her partner Dan on their wedding day, August 2023'

Sangrada Veil


Book via our services page where you can choose the best appointment for you.

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