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Shipping Policy

Our shipping costs include the packaging and media material. Our courier service is secure and safe and 100% protected.

The total costs indicated on shipment costs upon purchases cover the packaging, media included, the secure courier service and insurance for the goods.

International Secure Shipment

When making your purchase from our online store, you can trust that we will take great care in packaging and shipping your couture bridal dress. We offer a secure and safe shipment service using only the most trusted shipping providers. You can rest assured that your dress will be delivered in perfect condition, with tracking information provided for your convenience.

Return & Exchange Policy

Our online store offers a diverse range of couture bridal gowns that cater to every bride. We make sure that our customers are informed about the unique qualities of each gown before they make a purchase, as our gowns are made to measure for your specific measurements. We do not refund the purchase amount, but we guarantee that our gowns are crafted with precision and style that will surely make your wedding day unforgettable.

Our aim is to iron out any concerns at the enquiry stage before purchasing to avoid any indecision. By speaking to the designer you will be able to make an informed decision whether you purchase or not, clarity and honesty is extremely important to us. But unfortunately what we cannot do is refund the purchase amount because we have purchased the fabrics and used the materials in your product created to your specific measurements which are completely unique to you and we would not be able to re sell to another customer. We also create our gowns in house, we have a small team that take time and care over all of our products including Amy Mair - the designer so therefore all of the costs have already been allocated.


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