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The "Corales" gown is a poetic embodiment of its name, capturing the essence of coral reefs in both appearance and symbolism. The subtle blush tones infuse a delicate and romantic charm, while the rich textures and hues in the skirt evoke the intricate beauty of underwater coral formations.
As the skirt gathers in on itself, it mirrors the organic growth and complexity of coral structures. The layers of fabric create a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, resembling the way coral formations flourish in the depths of the sea.
The 2D flower appliqué is a thoughtful detail that pays homage to the seemingly flat but textured flowers found at the bottom of the seabed. These appliqués are like underwater blossoms, showcasing intricate textures and details while maintaining a flattened and condensed form. Much like the sprawling flowers in the depths of the ocean, they add a touch of depth and dimension to the gown.
Overall, the "Corales" gown is a harmonious blend of beauty and symbolism, capturing the spirit of coral reefs. It's a wearable masterpiece that not only celebrates nature's wonders but also invites the wearer to embody the grace and complexity of the underwater world.


  • The Corales gown features a semi structured bodice, darted and shaped over the waist and bust with blush toned soft tulle net gathered over the entire bodice and sleeves creating a gown full of intrigue and texture. The tulle is finished with a narrow and delicate Chantilly lace which edges the square neckline and sleeve endings. The skirt is a fuller ‘A’ line with gathers in the hem which creates a more pigmented tone of blush. The gown is adorned with 2d flower heads and beaded leaf patterns sprawling across the bodice into the back where the gown boasts a series of pearl buttons as its fastening.

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