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"Liquida" is a gown that embodies the graceful fluidity of underwater life, drawing inspiration from the slinky and elegant movements of narrow fish gliding through the water. The fabric choice of silky satin enhances the gown's liquid-like quality, creating a smooth and seamless flow reminiscent of the gentle currents beneath the surface.
As the wearer moves, the gown responds with elegant movements, mimicking the effortless glide of underwater creatures. Picture the dress cascading and draping in a way that captures the essence of a fish navigating through water, creating a mesmerizing visual display with every step.
To add a touch of glamour and sophistication, diamente adornments embellish the gown. These sparkling details evoke the play of sunlight on water, creating a subtle yet enchanting shimmer as the wearer moves. The diamente accents might be strategically placed to highlight the gown's natural movement, resembling the way light dances on the scales of a fish.
In summary, "Liquida" is a gown that marries fluidity with opulence, offering a wearable interpretation of the underwater world. The silky satin and diamente embellishments come together to create a gown that is not just clothing but a captivating aquatic performance.


  • The gown features a slim fit with the silky satin cut on the bias and a bit more flair in the hem from the knee to accompany a dramatic train. The gown has no fastening display as it is easily worn with its low back and spaghetti straps to support. The straps are adorned with oval and teardrop shaped diamentes.

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