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The "Piedra" gown is a striking piece that draws inspiration from the textured surface of a rock, where the intricacies of a rough pattern become a captivating focal point. The gown achieves a fascinating balance, appearing smooth from a distance yet revealing a wealth of detail upon closer inspection.
The main body of the gown features a textured velvet reminiscent of the rough yet visually compelling surface of a rock. The fabric may carry subtle variations in ivory color and tone to mimic the natural nuances found in stone, creating a sense of depth and complexity.
The guipur trim is a brilliant touch that adds a layer of elegance and symbolism. It reflects the intricate patterns created by sunlight filtering through plants and reefs, capturing the essence of dappled light and shadow. The interplay of the guipur trim against the textured surface of the gown creates a visual harmony, much like the dance of light and nature in an underwater landscape.
In essence, the "Piedra" gown is a wearable work of art that invites admiration for its textured beauty and thoughtful detailing. It seamlessly translates the rugged charm of a rock's surface into a gown that is both sophisticated and grounded in the wonders of the natural world.


  • The Piedra gown is a straight fitting gown made of 100% silk velvet which is cut on the bias to compliment a womans natural shape. The velvet gown has narrow fitting sleeves which feature the beautiful guipur trim. The gown features a square neckline and square back into a keyhole which has 3 pearl buttons delicately placed as its only fastening.

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