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Introducing the Sorrento, a stunning gown that exudes feminine grace and beauty. Crafted from soft and lightweight tulle in cotton material, it drapes effortlessly over the body to create a magical ethereal effect. The highlight of this gown is its unique flower adornment, which starts from the upper shoulder and trails diagonally across the neckline to the bodice and upper hip. With its fluid lines and delicate detailing, the Sorrento is a perfect choice for the modern bride who wants to look elegant and ethereal on her special day.


  • Sorrento is a beautiful ethereal gown, soft and fluid. It is a graceful gown with a prominent unique flower adornment across the body, diagonal trailing delicately from the upper shoulder across the neckline to the bodice and the upper hip. The tulle in soft cotton is lightweight and flows beautifully over the body into a fuller layering effect on the hemline.  The flowers adornment is perfectly curved across the back and fastened invisibly, the gown is pictured here with the Nostalgic slip which is sold as standard with the overlay. Custom orders are available if there are any amendments requests in the design.

    Gowns are made to a 4 month lead time should you require any additional information regarding lead times and rush orders please contact us.

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