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Sunrise is an embodiment of ethereal grace, a masterpiece adorned with meticulous and delicate craftsmanship. The gown features layers of organza delicately flecked with polka dots, each intricately embroidered with sage green and blush-hued flowers, creating a mesmerizing tableau that covers the entire ensemble.

The foundation of the gown comprises a luxurious silky satin full skirt layer, complemented by a tulle overlay that serves as the canvas for the exquisite floral embroidery. The bodice is a testament to precision, with darts sculpting the satin and the incorporation of cotton to achieve a tailored fit that gracefully accentuates the bust and waist. The organza, pleated artfully over the bodice into the side seams and at the back, is fastened with pearl buttons, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

French lace trim, boasting a scalloped edging, graces key points of the gown—the neckline, sleeves, and the upper sleeve area, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The oversized sleeves, adorned with a dainty elastic fix at the bicep, contribute to the gown's romantic allure. Notably, the sleeves are detachable, offering versatility in styling.

The gown's impact is a harmonious blend of fluidity and softness, evoking a sense of romance in both its movement and overall impression. To complete the look, accessories play a pivotal role, adding the perfect finishing touch to this celestial masterpiece.


  • Our Sunrise gown is one of our most ethereal pieces, the gown has a fuller skirt with pleated details into the centre waist and back. The skirt goes into the fuller train at the back. The neat bodice is semi structured in shape with pleated embroidery organza covering the whole bodice. The gown is edged with the chantilly lace trim similar to the edge of the organza sleeve. The gown is finished with pearls down the centre back.

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