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The Sunset gown stands as a testament to our commitment to intricate design, boasting a harmonious interplay of textures and a rich tapestry of tones. This ethereal creation features a blush pink overlay adorned with lace extending midway down the skirt, seamlessly layered with cascading tiers of blush and ivory tulle.

The artistry of the gown is further elevated by an elaborate beadwork arrangement, comprising delicately crafted petals and beaded flowers, embellished with sequins and pearls. The sequins find their place not only on the floral details but also grace the entirety of the blush lace, creating a mesmerizing play of light and texture. The gown, when worn, reveals its enchanting beauty over the Luna slip.

A striking silhouette is achieved through a meticulously darted bodice, accentuating the waist, and giving way to a gracefully flowing skirt. The neckline plunges daringly down to the waist, revealing the underlying slip, adding a touch of allure to the ensemble. One of the gown's most captivating features lies in its billowy sleeves, adorned with a meticulously finished organza wrist detail. The finishing touches come in the form of pearl buttons, elegantly fastening the gown and mirroring the pearl details thoughtfully incorporated throughout the dress. The Sunset gown is a symphony of elegance, artistry, and thoughtful design.


  • The Sunset gown is so beautiful in its blush tones, the skirt is a full 'A' line with a separate lace overlayer which gradually gets lower towards the centre back.

    The sleeves are billowy and gathered at the wrist. The gown is an overlay which is worn over the Luna slip. The Sunset overlay os adorned with 3d floral embroidery details.

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