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Why a Wedding ?

Me and my long term partner got engaged when I was pregnant with my first child, I was 6 months pregnant at that stage and the pregnancy was horrendous! I had sickness all the way through or felt sick all the time even if I wasn't physically sick. At the time it was so important for me to feel like I wanted that next step because I was pregnant we were happy and I wanted the security I guess.

Everyone feels differently about getting engaged but I have to say I get why couples do it in the early days before childeren or buying a house etc because life stresses bring you back down to earth. I was ready to marry my husband after 6 months of meeting but we took our time and got married 9 years later! I think after having childeren and buying a house together we felt like we were already married and not much would change.

So why....

What did we want apart from legalising the partnership? And I have had many brides in a similar position and one of my brides explained it beautifully, there's quite a lot of rubbish in the world and everyone goes through hard times and loose loved ones so why not celebrate the good things? That's exactly how we felt, at the end of a day it was a party, a celebration a day we could share with everyone that meant something to us, we were the most loved up on our day even after 2 childeren and I think it brought us closer together, everyone asked me how does it feel to be married and to be honest life is the same but we know we will be together forver through all the tough times.

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