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Annecy is nothing short of a masterpiece in bridal glamour. This gown embodies opulence, with an abundance of intricate and delicate work that sets it apart. The foundation is a beaded Chantilly lace that serves as a canvas for a breathtaking display of craftsmanship.

What makes Annecy truly exceptional is the extensive attachment of luxurious beads, pearls, and sequins—a meticulous contrast of metallics, gold, and pure ivory beadwork. This isn't just a dress; it's a labor of love, where each element is carefully placed with the highest standard of artistry.

The design takes an avant-garde approach, featuring the cutting and repositioning of metallic-colored lace. This artistic touch is evident across the neckline, bodice, and hips, creating a captivating visual interplay that adds depth and uniqueness to the gown.

A stunning mirrored feature along the edge of the lace down the center back is a stroke of brilliance, drawing the eyes to the intricate details. The final touch—a row of champagne pearl buttons—adds a touch of vintage charm, completing the gown with a flourish.

This is not just a gown; it's an experience. With its slim, narrow fit and a high-shine bias-cut slip, Annecy exudes modernity, regality, and sophistication. The gown feels not just luxurious but like a wearable work of art—a testament to the time, care, and artistry poured into its creation. Annecy isn't just a dress; it's a statement, a celebration of elegance that leaves an indelible mark on the memory of anyone who beholds its beauty.



SKU: 0003
  • Annecy simply is our most glamorous piece, there is a vast amount of intricate delicate work in this piece. The base is a beaded chantilly lace onto which we have extensively attached a variety of luxurious beads, pearls and sequins a contrast of metallics, gold and pure Ivory beadwork of the highest standard, it is meticulously made over time with so much care. Part of the design is cutting around some of the metallic coloured lace and replacing them in another area of the dress, on the neckline across the bodice and hips. There is a beautiful mirrored feature of the edge of the lace down the centre back and finished with champagne pearl buttons. A slim narrow fitting gown with a high shine bias cut slip to add even more elegance and detail to this piece, it feels extremely luxurious, modern, regal and sophisticated on.Gowns take up to 4 months to be made, please contact us for information on lead times and rush orders.

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