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Featuring the Sangrada Veil and all it's beautiful 3d details.

"The Beauty of the Ocean..." 

T H E     B E A U T Y    O F    T H E    O C E A N

Designing with the inspiration drawn from the depths of the sea is a journey into a mesmerizing world teeming with life and beauty. Every ripple, every creature beneath the surface becomes a muse for creativity. From the graceful dance of seaweed to the vibrant hues of coral reefs, the sea offers a rich tapestry of inspiration.

It's a celebration of the mysterious allure of underwater life, where elegance meets the organic. The play of light filtering through the water, the intricate patterns of marine life, and the ever-flowing currents—all become elements to weave into designs. The textures, the colors, and the graceful movements influence each piece, creating a collection that mirrors the enchanting diversity found beneath the waves.

In this underwater odyssey, the design process becomes a dance with the sea's inhabitants—merging the fluidity of water with the timeless elegance of design. From the delicate sway of seagrass to the majestic presence of marine creatures, every nuance is an opportunity to craft something extraordinary.

The sea, with its boundless depths, serves as an endless well of inspiration, inviting exploration into the unknown. It's not just about fashion; it's about capturing the essence of a world hidden from our daily view, bringing the magic of the sea to the surface through the artistry of design. It's a tribute to all the beautiful beings that call the sea home, an ode to the wonders that live beneath the surface and an invitation to wear the poetry of the ocean.

T H E   I N S P I R E D   B Y    C O L L E C T I O N

The Mesmirising Paris Original

The New Romantic

The Paris Original is a breathtaking gown that is capturing the hearts of brides who crave a touch of Old English romance in their wedding day. The intricate lace details and delicate beading evoke a sense of timeless elegance that is unparalleled. Our professional consultants can help you choose the perfect gown for you.

The Back details of beautiful Paris

"The Inspired By Collection is a series of powerful and individual gowns each with their own unique identity. Ethereal, romantic and utterly luxurious! The gowns were made in our atelier, carefully and delicately cared for throughout the design, toile and making process, ready to be tried on by many brides to be....

We intend to challenge the conformative ideal of bridal wear fashion with this innovative collection...."

A close up of the Paris Ivory Gown, highlighting the small details of the daisy fabric.

The Entire Collection