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E C O   F R I E N D L Y    &    S U S T A I N A B L E   D E S I G N S


“Our pledge to become a fully Sustainable and Eco friendly brand has really made us think about the way we work.”


At Amy Mair Couture, we have pledged to become a fully Sustainable and Ethical brand. Nature is a big part of our design inspiration and we care about our impact on the environment. We want to reassure our customers that we are always finding new ways to make our brand as eco-friendly as possible. 


All of our dresses are made in our Atelier in Wales. We have a very small but hugely talented team that are local to our Atelier. This means we can achieve artisan quality workmanship and traditional couture production with all its divine hand-finished details. Our pieces are unique and romantic with each garment individually made with care over time, and we are very proud to make all of our gowns by hand using British and European fabric Suppliers and Mills. 





O U R   E C O   E T H O S

R E D U C E ,   R E U S E   &   R E C Y C L E

Our Pledge to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle is very important to our brand. We have pledged to recycle at least one dress from each collection per year and we recycle all of our fabric offcuts. We reduce waste by analysing our patterns to ensure we use as much of the fabric as possible with minimal waste. We buy fabric consciously, only buying what we need and keeping any offcuts to be reused or packed up for each bride to keep. Our no waste policy means we donate all our unused samples to a local charity where the dress will be bought and worn by a bride to be.

Florentina with beautiful 3D detailing

O U R   B U S I N E S S   P R A C T I C E S

We strive to run our business as ethically as possible in every way. Our independent and small-scale ethically produced gowns mean that we are in complete control of the quality of our gowns. We pledge to use only fabrics sourced in the UK and Europe and we offer an ethically made, vegan alternative to silk.


Throughout the supply chain and product lifecycle, we are completely in control of the production at our Atelier. From staffing, recycling, and material usage to making and selling, we are in control of every procedure and it is all fair and transparent. Our seamstresses are paid a decent wage and work in excellent conditions.


We are also making a conscious effort to understand our suppliers practices. We source many of our fabrics from a family run company in Madrid where they create the materials in an ethical environment. We are making the effort to learn about the production of different types of fabrics and their compositions, with our goal being to introduce sustainably made options wherever we can. 

Florentina details of the florals in Autumnal colours.

E M P O W E R  G R O W T H

Join 'Our Vision' and follow us on our journey to create a fully sustainable brand. Sign up to our mailing list to follow our weekly or monthly updates. Our journal will feature our adventures and efforts to do our bit. Our brand is the soul of 'Slow Fashion', we can only individually do as much as we can do, we recommend supporting local, source local and buy from ethical brands if you can!

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