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Ramo del Flores
Inspired by underwater flowers, Ramo del Flores is a mesmerizing creation that captures the ethereal beauty of the ocean depths.  The idea of underwater flowers is already intriguing, and a cluster of them forming a "Ramo del Flores" (Flower Cluster) adds a touch of elegance.
The cluster of flowers adorning the dress forms a harmonious balance, with each bloom representing a family unit, creating a sense of unity and interconnectedness.
Overall, your Ramo del Flores dress is a wearable masterpiece that not only celebrates the wonders of underwater life but also carries a symbolic message of unity and interconnected beauty. It's a garment that invites admiration and tells a story with every seam and petal

Ramo Des Flores

  • Ramo Del Flores features a heavily adorned net fabric covered in 3d flowers varying in sizes. The neckline, hem, sleeves and waist are heavily adorned in the varying patterns all individually hand sewn. The gown has a ‘v’ neck with cap sleeves and a deep ‘v’ low back buttoning down the back. The gown also has a tulle train layer cascading for the waist past the train length of the gown by a meter.

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