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Our Paris Custom Ivory was originally a custom design order however the silhouette is simply classic we decided to keep the ivory as part of the entire Inspire By collection. The main difference between the two is that the daisy flower embroidery French lace wend their way across the tulle base on the bodice and sleeve only. And in contrast there are multiple layers of the cotton tulle to give the skirt fullness.
The silhouette is striking by highlighting the waist with a semi structured bodice and a fuller flowing skirt with the satin slip layer and extra layers of soft cotton tulle for a lovely billowy movement. In contrast the bodice is a neat tailored for with a feminine square neckline finished with a French Chantilly laced scalloped edge. The same lace is used across the waistline and on the wrists to bring in the oversized curved sleeves.



Paris Custom Ivory

SKU: 0002
Color: Pale Ivory
  • The Paris Custom Ivory is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Its striking silhouette accentuates the waist with a semi-structured bodice and a flowing skirt that sways with every step. The satin slip layer and soft cotton tulle layers create a billowy movement that is both romantic and ethereal. The tailored bodice features a feminine square neckline finished with a delicate French Chantilly lace scalloped edge. This gown is perfect for the bride who desires a timeless and unforgettable look on her special day.

    Our lead time varies from 4 months however if you have any questions regarding rush orders please get in touch with us.

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