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Breeze, a masterpiece of intricate elegance, showcases delicate polka dots on a tulle canvas, each meticulously adorned with a central pearl and a series of mini beads. This embellishment spans the entirety of the gown, with a focus on more pronounced detailing gracing the bodice and upper skirt. The defining elements are laser-cut flowers, artfully crafted in various styles and sizes, individually placed and sewn with precision around the central pearl and bead motif.

Drawing inspiration from the gentle sway of flowers in a summer breeze, Breeze captures the essence of liberation and movement. The laser-cut flowers, possessing a graceful autonomy, are secured only at their centers, allowing their petals the freedom to dance with the wearer's every step. These enchanting details create a mirrored effect on the back and delicately frame the cuffs of the sleeves.

A cinched waist, adorned with a lavish embroidered trim embellished with sequins and miniature beads, features an organza ribbon sewn along the edge, elegantly tying into a bow at the center back. Signature pearl buttons, a hallmark of Amy Mair Couture, add a finishing touch to this enchanting gown. The overlay gracefully drapes over a satin back crepe slip, cut on the bias, presenting a cowl-draped neckline and intricate back detailing. Breeze is a symphony of craftsmanship and artistry, capturing the essence of movement and beauty


  • Breeze feautures a slip and overlay combination. The slip is cut on the bias in a satin backed crepe with a subtle cowl at the front and back. The overlay is full of details and intrigue with many beaded pearls covering the fabric and slightly gathered at the waist into a deep 'V' neckline to the waist. The skirt is straight fitting which also resembles the narrow fitting sleeves, the gown has many intricate details such as the 3d floral organza flowers which adorn the waist and edging areas. The gown is finished with a series of pearl buttons down the centre back.

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